How To Apply

How The Program Works

Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity provides the opportunity for hardworking families currently living in Dona Ana County to become successful homeowners. Habitat offers a ‘hand-up, not a handout’ by making it possible for struggling families to own their own home.

Program Criteria

Needs: Needs are established by assessing the applicants current housing physical conditions, overcrowding, safety or medical issues and excessive rent costs.
Ability to Pay: Ability to pay is determined by a demonstration of a steady income and an analysis of existing debt and obligations.
Willingness to Partner: Each Habitat Partner Family agrees to contribute 250 hours (per adult) of work towards homeownership. These hours include (150) on the construction site, (75) in volunteer work with fundraisers our ReStore, other community activities and (25) in course work focusing on Financial Preparedness & Life Management.

Application Process

When: October to end of April
We are always looking for qualified homeowners. Interested families can sign up year-round. However, applications are currently being sent out once a year; usually in the fall. We invite you to see if you qualify and encourage you to come into our office and sign up to receive your application today!

Applying to and becoming a part of the Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity program is not an overnight process. Much of it depends on how long it takes for you to complete your required sweat equity hours.

There are several steps that we follow with prospective homeowners to ensure that we are accepting individuals and families who are in need of simple, decent and affordable housing.

What To Expect

1. Come in person to receive an application.
2. Once you receive your application, return it along with required documents.
3. The Family Selection Committee will then review and run a credit check to verify the details of your application and determine if your finances meet the criteria for our program.
4. If you meet our income guidelines, a member of our Family Selection Committee will come to visit you in your current house or apartment to get to know you better and to verify your need for housing.
5. If approved based on need, you will attend an orientation class with a Family Coordinator to discuss your participation in the program, sweat equity hours, and what it means to be a Habitat partner.
6. Once you have earned 100 hours and completed a budget review, you are eligible to continue the process for homeownership.
7. You will work alongside volunteers to build your own home. 60% of your hours are usually earned on the construction site for your new home.
8. Once completed, your home will be blessed at a special dedication ceremony.
9. Your home will be deeded to you. You move in and become a homeowner – and begin making monthly mortgage payments.


To Get Started Drop By Our Office

Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with local organizations, businesses, and people everywhere, from all walks of life, to develop communities with people in need by building simple, decent homes in Las Cruces where people can live and grow into all that God intended.
 - Mesilla Valley Habitat
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