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What It Means To Be a Partner Family

Homeowners not only purchase a home but much more. Habitat families report improved education and skills, the feeling of civic responsibility and respect for community, sense of pride in accomplishment, greater financial independence and breaking the cycle of poverty. 

The home is like the light at the end of the tunnel, as one homeowner put it. Others have stated that it is a new lease on life. 

The required sweat equity hours prove to be a benefit as well, helping to build a sense of pride. The homeowners become part of their housing solution while also building the community and helping others in their similar situation.
The Full Impact Of Homeownership

The Impact Of Homeownership Affects:


A decent, affordable house can have a significant impact on a family’s health.


Growing up in a decent, affordable home can have a powerful effect on children. Studies draw a straight line between the quality, location and affordability of housing and a child’s ability to thrive.


Across the globe, Habitat for Humanity is committed to creating safe places for families to call home.

Economic Opportunity

Habitat for Humanity helps families increase their financial security for long-term personal success.
Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with local organizations, businesses, and people everywhere, from all walks of life, to develop communities with people in need by building simple, decent homes in Las Cruces where people can live and grow into all that God intended.
 - Mesilla Valley Habitat
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