Other Volunteers

How else can I help?

These are just some of the ways, in addition to the actual construction, that our volunteers help:

  • Procuring the land on which to build
  • Drawing the plans for the homes to be built
  • Obtaining construction money to underwrite the build
  • Recruiting volunteers to do the actual construction
  • Selecting the partner families
  • Soliciting sustaining funds, materials and supplies from the community
  • Coordinating the on site build
  • Managing the paper work and support functions
  • Keeping the community informed of our efforts
  • Maintaining the community’s goodwill

Barnes and Noble gift wrap

A great project and something we always need great volunteers is: our annual Barnes and Noble gift wrap, which runs the day after Thanksgiving up until Christmas day. All you do is wrap gifts!! There are multiple 3-4 hour shifts throughout the day. We have a volunteer signup sheet for this event beginning in October for those that wish to do this.

If you want to volunteer in a less physical position, please consider the following opportunities:

Mesilla Valley Half Marathon

Work at the ReStore

It plays a huge roll in Habitat, that is where we get our most of our funds to build homes for low income families in Dona Ana County. If you decide to volunteer your time there, your duties would include organizing merchandise, receiving donations, and pricing as well. There hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Saturday and volunteers can join them year round. You can contact the ReStore for more information as to when your students or your group could be joining them. Their address is 2301 S. Main St., Las Cruces, NM 88005 and their phone number is 523-5019. Please ask for James or Jeremy.
The ReStore staff is always grateful to have cheerful, friendly volunteers to help them. We need people to: pickup and price materials; prepare items for sale; stock shelves; assist customers with selections and much more.

Join a committee

Following are some of our committees you can become involved with and what they do. Please contact Marie or Maria at (575)525-0475 to learn more about these committees.

Resource Development/Fundraising/Public Relations – These folks obtain financial resources for us. They network in the community, to raise funds through public relations and special events. If you know how to find grants and write grant requests we can put you right to work. If you enjoy visiting with people you have never met, are okay with asking for help for a good cause and/or can think outside the box to develop creative ways to raise money this committee could be for you.

Family Selection – These folks review applications for the Habitat for Humanity homes, process the applications, visit the families homes and select who will get the homes the next year.

Family Partners – Once the families are selected the Family Partners step in to mentor and nurture the families. On this committee you will be able to help the families become capable homeowners.

Landscaping – If you like gardening this committee is for you. The work happens over a period of about two months. These folks work with the families to design the landscaping and then install it.

Church Relations – Churches are very supportive of Habitat for Humanity. They often will provide snacks or meals for the volunteers, raise money for the builds and provide volunteers to help with the builds. This committee works with the churches to help coordinate their support.

Hospitality – These folks make life easier for the volunteers on the build sites. They make sure there is plenty of water, put snacks out at break, check tools in and out and make sure the volunteers have something to do. They may also  approach local businesses, churches and organizations to assist with snacks and meals. They will interact with other committees such Church Relations and Fundraising. If you like being where the activity is, but you don’t want to be quite so physically involved, this is your opportunity.

Warehouse – If you like to organize things this committee may be for you. You would be responsible for keeping the warehouse clean and organized. You would also organize and oversee the yard sales we have periodically through out the year.

Construction – This committee is responsible for designing quality, energy efficient homes; incorporating families requests; obtaining bids, ordering and coordinating delivery of materials; and providing volunteer leadership at the build site. If you have a construction background this committee can use your knowledge.

Land Acquisition – This committee needs to be quick on their feet. When we are made aware of available funds from the city or other organizations we often have a very small time frame within which to spend money on property. This money will be forthcoming, but is often not available to make a down payment.  Members on this committee must have good negotiation skills and the ability to build trust between land owners and Habitat for Humanity. They should like inventorying land. A real estate background would be beneficial.

Nominations – If you are interested in serving in other ways or would like to sit on our board we would like to hear about it. Please submit a summary bio with how you would like to serve to The Executive Director, 720 N. Santa Fe, Las Cruces, NM 88001.

There is always something going on at MVHFH with many different volunteer opportunities. Often, our volunteers suggest volunteer opportunities that meet their needs and ours. We are open to these suggestions!!

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