2015 Home Completions

2015 Home Completion

Pictures taken by Habitat staff and volunteer Malcolm Fell

Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity celebrated the completion of four new homes on Monday, April 13th 2015. The event took place at 4971 Wendall Rd., home of Reymundo and Evangelina Rios- the 100th family served by Habitat for Humanity in our community. Four new Habitat homeowners, Habitat staff, volunteers, supporters, sponsors and others were present to celebrate this historic event.

The event not only celebrates the completion of Habitats latest projects, but also celebrates the 100th Habitat home built in Las Cruces. For the past 28 years, Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity has been building homes with and for people in need. “It is such a wonderful achievement made possible by and for our community. We hope the community will come celebrate this historic event with us” mentioned Dawson Dinsmore, Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity President. This milestone house represents the dedication and commitment given by generous volunteers.

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